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Press information about TheVitCo

Our latest Press Release 04.06.21


Three Lancashire businessmen have joined forces to launch a national vitamin patch company specialising in improving health and wellbeing with a focus on promoting energy levels and tackling ailments such as swollen joints and poor sleep patterns, anxiety and depression.

TheVitCo (, based at Riversway Business Village, Preston, supplies innovative vitamin and supplement formulas without prescription, through its range of VitPatch’s, VitOil’s and VitCream ranges.

The business is the brainchild of Jack Taylor, a director at Preston-based OVI Homes a specialist in Off Site Modular HomesSimon Malcolm, a director at Haydock-based packaging specialists Enviropax and OVI Homes; and Peter Love, who has a background in finance and property development, but who launched the successful Ohana Patches vitamin and wellness brand in the UK in 2018.

Taylor also specialises in growing start-up businesses and brought the three business men together to develop a UK manufactured based business with the vision of creating jobs here in the UK rather than the Unites States.

As part of the new business launch, Ohana Patches will be rebranded and aligned under the new brand TheVitCo.

Taylor said the decision to launch the business, which also supplies a range of Premium CBD oils and creams, was taken because we recognised there was a definite need for an alternative delivery method to vitamins and nutrients to the traditional pills, powders & shakes.

TheVitCo Patches are clinically proven and are designed with slow release technology allowing a steady flow of the ingredients to pass into the body via the skin directly into the bloodstream, therefore avoiding the digestive system.

We are seeing great results already and our customers are loving the benefits and coming back for more.


The VitPatch range is made up of:

CBD Isolate Patch (0%THC Free):  Used to treat an array of ailments and conditions including anti-inflammation, as well as helping to induce sleep and has shown amazing results in reducing anxiety and depression.

Multivitamin Patch: Contains 25 selected vitamins/minerals and antioxidants that your body needs to function properly and may also help with vitamin deficiency, strengthening the immune system and protecting healthy cells.

Energy Boost B12: Contain all 8 B vitamins with B12 being the major component. B12 is key for so many bodily functions, including reproduction of red blood cells, energy production and reduce fatigue. B vitamins are the building blocks for a healthy body.  

Immune Vitamin D Boost Patch: Supplements the Vitamin D bodies produce when exposed to UV sunlight. As we get older our bodies ability to manufacture Vitamin D decreases.

Pain Relief Copper Patch: Targets aches and pains, with copper proven to be an essential micro-nutrient.

CBD Broad Spectrum Patch: This patch gives you the full range that plant has to offer providing the best elements of the cannabinoid extracts. Shown to promote towards inducing deep sleep and has shown amazing results in reducing anxiety and depression.


Taylor said: “Now more than ever in the wake of Covid-19 are we all more aware of the necessity to be in the best possible physical and mental condition. Our products are produced using the very best ingredients and cutting edge technologies. VITPatch has an innovative delivery system, with formulations specialising in healing and nutritional supplements that can complement any wellness programme. Our patches can help boost focus and fitness for sportsmen and women and aid concentration for academics when used in conjunction with a fully balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.”

Malcolm added: “We aim to inspire healthier communities by delivering vitamins and nutrients more conveniently and efficiently. We are redefining the traditional delivery system promoting healing performance and overall wellness. The Patches are created to support the lifestyle of busy people.” Costing less than a cup of coffee, these are a great addition to your daily routine.”

Love explained: “The vitamins are absorbed through the skin and straight into the bloodstream via the blood vessels which is a much quicker, cleaner and more efficient way of delivery to the body. A unique medical adhesive ensures that the patch stays on throughout the day/night comfortably with minimal to no irritation. It is scientifically formulated so the vitamins are slowly released into the body, giving a steady flow throughout the day.”

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For further information, please contact:

Jack Taylor

07903 809068-

Or call our office on: 01772 909078