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About us

Supplying innovative & simple solutions that works around your everyday life


VITPatch is a traditional healing and nutrition supplement that can complement any wellness programme. VITPatch can help boost focus and fitness for sportsmen and women and aid concentration for academics.


Our vision is to inspire healthier communities by delivering vitamins and nutrients more conveniently and efficiently. Redefining the delivery system for healing and wellness nutrients to improve the lifestyle of everyday people everyday.


We offer a range of oils and topical cream to supplement our VITPatch products. Check out our product pages for more information.

Our Vitamin & CBD Patches

Vitamin Patches are an in essence an adhesive patch, which contains a specific amount of vitamin(s).

The vitamins are absorbed through the skin and straight into the bloodstream via the blood vessels. The medical adhesive ensures that the patch stays on throughout the day/night comfortably with minimal to no irritation.

It is scientifically formulated so the vitamins are slowly released into the body, giving a steady flow throughout the day.


Patch & Go

How to use

Your VITPatch has an easy to peel layer that once peeled away from is ready to be placed on to your skin.

Make sure you select a part of your body that has little or no hair on, avoiding the face, neck and genital area. Once applied smooth over the patch until you see no air bubbles

After you have removed the patch (typically no longer than 8 hours), some adhesive or its residue may remain on your skin, this will wash away easily with soap and warm water.

Yes, that’s right…keep replacing those patches on your skin to feel those great benefits each one has to offer. What could be easier! Say goodbye to taking vitamin tablets and hello to patch & go.

Our products are clinically proven

One of our co-founders Peter, discovered the benefits of topical patches about 2 years ago, especially CBD. He began researching the benefits of patches when his mother-in-law, from Preston, became unwell and he realised that there was no easy way to get beneficial vitamins into her system.